God’s Leading

I have been looking for a new home church for sometime, and have visited over a dozen churches here in Austin to find it. I must admit that for about 2 years I was looking for church in a consumerist type approach.  That is were we keep a mental checklist and begin grading the church from the time we enter the parking lot to the time you leave. Well that church is not contemporary enough, this one is too big, that one is too small, this one doesn’t sing the songs I like, people are are not dressed up, this one has sermons that are too simple, that one has sermons that don’t teach me enough and on and on. That might explain why I never found my home church because I was following myself instead of following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

My life has recently been turned upside down which resulted in a move from the comfortable place of South Austin to what was previously the uncomfortable place of North Central Austin. In addition I currently rely on Capital Metro buses, and my two feet to get around so looking for a church to attend left me with little options. This is were God comes in. See about a year ago I met a church planter name Seth Kniep of Doing Church in Reverse who invited me to attend the 1st official church service of a new church in, you guessed it, North Central Austin called North Village Church. Well of course I completely forgot about it until I moved close by and decided to visit about 3 weeks ago.

I have started meeting in one of the small groups, and look forward to attending service. I am honestly starting to feel at home. If I had stuck with my mental checklist of the past I would crossed it out for sure, but thank God I am listening to Him and not myself. I have learned how much I can get in God’s way and leading for my life, but more importantly is that I have learned that we don’t go to church, we are the church.


2 thoughts on “God’s Leading

  1. This is great, Michael! My heart is warmed to hear that you’re faithfully allowing Jesus to lead you to the church where you belong, instead of relying on your checklist. I know we tend to rely on our own prerequisites, because we have things we think we need to feel comfortable… when really, it’s all about just being the body and the genuine and authentic worship of our risen Savior!

    I am so happy for you!

    Trusting Him,

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