40 Years in the desert

I had the honor of celebrating my 40th birthday this week. There wasn’t a big party or trip somewhere but it was a great day with family. I would not trade my special day for anything. It’s amazing to think about how I have made to the big 40. I don’t feel 40, and by God’s grace I certainly don’t look it.

I had to do some reflection on my life and started to see how easily I could relate to the Israelites wandering through the desert for 40 years, lost and complaining. Hoping to reach the Promised Land. God has always been there, reaching, calling, protecting, but I would always go my own way. Even after I came to Christ I struggled and fought my flesh and temptations. I sometimes get discouraged about where I am in life right now, and the results of my failures, but at the end of the day Iam blessed. I cannot help but thank God for His goodness, mercy, and grace.

Finally, after 40 years I feel like I have entered the Promised Land in a sense, and the battles are more often victories than defeats. I look forward to what the next 40 years or whatever time the Lord gives. I look forward to the good things my life will produce during this time. I want to bring joy to others, to bless, to share the love and knowledge of Christ. To make the most of my time, not for selfish ambition but to glorify God in everything I do.

It’s only the beginning!


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