We, the created Open Mic night

Tonight I attended an Open Mic event at Austin Java downtown on Lamar. It was hosted by a local ministry called We, the created. A few days ago I connected with Charles Lujan, one of the members of this ministry through Facebook, and got meet him tonight. I did not know that to expect since I had never been to one of these before, but I have to say it was an awesome experience.

Different people came up to the stage through the night, and used their creative talents to glorify God. Some read poems, others sang or rapped. One person drew a picture, and gave her testimony on how God saved her life in the “nick of time.” Each person in their own way communicated their story and how Jesus was the answer to it all. It was real, raw, and moved by the Holy Spirit.

In the in end one of the main messages of this event was that we all have been given creative talents. Maybe its to sing, dance, or write a poem and that we should dig deep and release this from within us. This makes me think about something I have been writing and how to contribute it the next time they have this event.

The night ended in prayer, it was a wonderful time. Here is a video from one of the previous events.


One thought on “We, the created Open Mic night

  1. It is awesome to see that we as Christians can get together in fellowship,and praise and worship..The world tells us that we as christians live a boring and plain life in Christ they truely dont see what we have in him…God Bless you all keep doing what the Lord put in your heart who ever started this….We have this same thing at our church its called Popcorn Sunday…Song and Popcorn preaching,intrumental and praise ..Awesome!!!Love you guys…..

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