For the love of Coffee

So I have decided to include some things in my blog about my favorite city; Austin, TX of course. Granted that I will be totally biased since I am a native Austinite, but there are some things that I really want to share. You may not think or feel the same, but that is OK. All that matters is my opinion, right! Just kidding.

I love coffee, and while I am not as sophisticated or snobbish about it, I really enjoy good coffee. It’s is about the flavor, aroma, and experience surrounding coffee drinking. Sorry to say the free Flavia coffee at work will just not due. I work at Hoover’s Online, and we have the privilege of having some good mobile food vendors company daily each during the week.

Our newest vendor happens to be Phoebe’s Mud Mobile Espresso, a mobile coffee vendor that travels around Austin to businesses and local events. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner’s on Friday during their afternoon visit. They are a husband and wife team that started this business in 2009. I got to learn about them, and their coffee during our chat. Phoebe’s serves fair trade & locally roasted organic coffees, as well as, Espressos, Lattes, Mochas, Smoothies, & More. Their  company overview states: Serving the best Mobile Espresso in Austin, and the mission is: To serve a bold strong tasting consistent espresso. The day of their 1st visit to us my co-worker brought me an iced coffee with cream, and on my visit with them I tried an iced hazelnut latte. Both were delicious & refreshing. I also sampled their hot coffee,  once again roasted locally, and it was flavorful, dark, but not bitter.

I love good coffee, and to me it’s about the experience. You may be think, man get over it…you are just buying coffee from a truck. No, this is by no means just coffee from a truck. Maybe I have a different appreciation for coffee, but more importantly I have an appreciation for local business owners that are take pride in their product and service. That make you feel at home so to speak.  To me Phoebe’s provides all of those things with a little “WOOOOOOOOF.”

You can also find them on Facebook, and Twitter.


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