My 1st Poem at Open Mic night

It was an awesome night at C.our.age Ministries, We, the Created Open Mic night at Hope in the City church, there were singers, poets, rappers, and artists all using their creative gifts and talents to glorify God. I met some new people, got to enjoy some good coffee from their shop, and hear some great performances. The main purpose of Hope in the City hosting the event was to help raise money for their Youth Group’s mission trip to Trinidad. I wish I had pictures to show you, but I am sure some will be posted by Charlie.

I read my 1st poem called “I Dare you to Speak” and was nervous, but glad I did something new. I don’t consider myself very talented or creative but I was challenged by Charlie Lujan to come up with something. This poem is about what I believe God has been trying to get through me, but I look at myself too much. Like Moses I make excuses why He should not choose me. I have learned that it is not about me, and my abilities but it is about Jesus, and His power. Here is my poem.

I Dare you to Speak

By Michael Flores

I dare you to speak, to speak out my name

I dare you to say, to shout and proclaim

That Jesus is Lord, that He lives, and still saves today, that He saves whoever calls out His name

But Lord, will they listen to my words, you know I tend  to ramble & stumble. Will hear what I have said? These are doubts that run through my head

Why do you fear and doubt? I want you to rise, I want you to shout

But Lord is that me? After all I don’t speak so eloquently, you know I just don’t have that seminary degree

Was it you or me? I say again, Was it you or me? that left Glory! Was it you or me that died on upon that Tree?

It was I that conquered sin and death; it was only finished with my last breath

How will they call me if they do not believe, and how can they believe if they have not heard, and how can they hear without you speaking? Can’t you see?

It’s your mouth that moves, but it’s my words they hear

There waiting, and hoping for my love to appear

Is not the Spirit of the Lord upon you, to bind up the brokenhearted

Won’t I finish the good work that I started?

So I am speaking now, do you hear Jesus calling your name?,
Once you know Him you will never be the same

He paid the price for our sin, and died so we can live

All you have to do is repent and believe, fall to your knees and receive, the gift of salvation, to dine with the King

Then I dare you to speak, to yell and proclaim

That Jesus is still saves, that He lives and that He reigns!


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