Where does my help come from?

The past few years have been very difficult for me in both emotional and spiritual levels. About 2 years ago I faced head on my sinfulness to God, and my failures as a Husband to my wife. Since then I rejoice at the work that God has done in my life spiritually, but I am saddened at the fact my wife decided to leave me earlier this year. I hear that divorce is almost like experiencing a death of a spouse, that part of you dies in the process. I think it can also be looked at as worse, because you know that person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with is out there, but they don’t want to be married to you.

I will be the 1st to admit that I was a poor husband for many years, not living the Godly role I was given.  The consequences of sin reaped death in our marriage. By God’s grace He has worked in my heart to center me in Him. It was not an easy process, but was heartbreaking on many levels. It was not overnight, it took time. It is in the difficult times that I thank God for His love, mercy and grace. It is in those times when you are on your knees in tears, crying out to God, but trusting in Him that gives peace.

The Psalmist say, “I will lift up my eyes to the mountains ; From where shall my help come ? My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.”

Where does your help come from? Who do you look to 1st in times of need or trouble? Is it family, a friend, your even your church? While all of those things are helpful, they should not be are first choice in counsel. Your family or friends my give Godly counsel, but they may also give you fleshly advice. What power does anything or anyone have compared to Almighty God, the maker of Heaven and Earth?

The Psalmist goes on to say, “He will not allow your foot to slip ; He who keeps you will not slumber.” God hears you, He knows, and He is not sleeping on the job. I have learned that I can go to Him in my time of brokenness, and have complete trust that He will provide exactly what I need. It may not be what I want, when I want it, but that is OK. Why? Because I know that my Heavenly Father loves me! He knows what is best.

We may not understand our circumstances or why things don’t work out the way we expect in life, but in Christ we have peace. We know that we are not alone in the midst of difficulty, sorrow or pain. So when you are there, we all are at some point, take heart because God is there listening.  Remember that this life is temporary. We have an eternity at the side of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. Hallelujah!


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