New Bike, and not so great a good deal

I posted recently about a used Schwinn bicycle I found on Craiglist for $99.00 including all the accessories that someone bought 6 months ago from Performance Bike shop. I thought I had found a really great deal, and realized today that it really was not.

When I rode and checked it out before I bought it, mind you, I did realize the bike had been left outside and would need some attention. I rode it over to the Performance Bike store after work today, and found our that it would need about $100.00 worth 0f work to bring up to where it should be.  The other thing I found out about the Schwinn Sierra GS I bought is that, while it was very comfortable it was also sloowww. This presented a couple of problems for me.

I looked at this way. Even if I paid the $100.00 to get the bike fixed plus the $99.00 that I paid for everything, that is a $200.00 for $460.00 worth of bike and stuff. Still a good bike, and value on any level. Here is the problem though. The bike doesn’t fit my need. I am not riding this thing around the neighborhood or park for enjoyment. I am using it to commute around town, and get some exercise while doing it. In the end, great value? Yes. Great deal? No. The reason being is that I would not have gotten the most of this bike, and I would not have enjoyed riding it as much.

So I rode over to Austin Bike Farm off North Lamar with the idea that they could maybe do the same work for less. I had them adjust my rear tire on my first bike for $10.00, so I thought it was worth a look. As I thought Owen, the owner,and bike guru there confirmed to me the bike I purchased is meant for comfort, not speed. End the end I traded the Schwinn in, and found a nice, light and fast Raleigh bike he was selling. If you get a chance I highly recommend taking your bike there for service or checking out their bikes. This is an old school shop that offers many used & some new bikes, but they have been serviced and are ready to ride. Plus you are helping a local business.

Lessons learned here.

  • Even though I thought that I had researched what type of bike I should get, I realized that I did not research enough.
  • When buying a used bike, really check it out, and ride it thoroughly to see if it’s the right one
  • Don’t settle
  • If the bike needs obvious repairs, then realize that bicycle repairs are not cheap just because it’s a bike.

I look forward to riding my second new bike, and feel that it is worth the extra dollars I am spending.


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