Time to get Fit!

Ok, so I have been overweight most of my life. In elementary I sported the Husky Jeans, in Junior High I was the last one picked on the team, and in high school I was just slightly less then overweight. When I got married 15 years ago, I weighed 159 lbs. and wore size 33 pants. 14 years later I hit 220 lbs, and wore a snug size 38. It may not sound like much but when you are a short person like me, those extra pounds make a big difference. I have lost some weight over the past year, but not much. I have tried exercise and eating right but I don’t keep up with it very long or I am just inconsistent.

About 2 months ago my son gave me a mountain bike, and since I have upgraded to a better/faster bike. I ride more through out the week, and I ride farther distances. This has motivated me back to the gym finally. So last night I started my workouts again, and tonight I am feeling sore so that is a good thing. Today was cardio and had a decent ride. Tomorrow it’s back to the gym for lower body.

I have my before pictures, but I have decided to wait before I post them. You just wouldn’t look at me the same for a awhile if I did. Yes, they are…. not attractive to say the least. I figure once I have lost a decent amount of weight I will go public with them.

I will have to admit that I am not happy with my body, the weight, and my fitness level. Like I said I have tried before and failed to lose weight and get fit. This time it feels different.

  • First of all I am not doing it just for myself, I am doing it to glorify God. He gave me this body, and it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. So my efforts are not for my praise, but for His. That I will honor Him by being more disciplined, and improving my health.
  • Second, I am not setting hard goals, and expectations. People may disagree with me on that, but I did it before and it didn’t work. This is more about progress in improving my eating habits, and exercise. Just like the bike riding motivated be back to the gym I believe I will be motivated on to more disciplined conditions.
  • Third, it is about enjoyment. I love riding my bike, and while I get great exercise from doing it, it is something I really enjoy. It motivated me to keep moving. I may not just work out with weights, I may join a Boot Camp work out program or find some other physical activity that brings satisfaction.

I am confident that this time next year I will a totally different person on the outside. I will change my habits, and behaviors. I will lose this weight, and become more physically fit. I want to keep my progress posted as I go along, and see where this leads.  I have decide to include pictures that won’t gross you out.


2 thoughts on “Time to get Fit!

  1. Good for you Mike…I will pray for you …So that you can make the changes in your life that are needed to first honor God…Second so you can be healthy and be happy with your physical self…I think people compare themselves to other people and I dont think that is healthy or right ..We are all individual…So we are all different ..I will pray for you to find what works for you!!!So it can be true and lasting not just for a month or two….Dont take offence I struggle with the same issues….God Bless you my brother….

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