Time to get Fit – Week Cinco

So I didn’t post anything for week 3 and 4 which is ok since you really didn’t miss much. I am in the middle of week 5 now, and I have to say that I am happy with my progress. Between week 3 and now I’ve been able to make going to the gym a daily priority for the most part. Not perfect, but it beats the 1 time visit in week 1. It’s become a given. What am I doing after work? Going to the gym!

I decided to refocus this week on cardio and abs. Which is working out (haha) pretty good so far. I realized the muscles will come in time, what I really need to do is trim some of this fat off the midsection. I started using one of those waist exercise belts that help you sweat. Not sure how great they work, but I have heard good things. As for the sweating, you it does help with sweating for sure. Actually, kind of nasty when you take it off but I guess that is the point.

Nutrition, well, that is a work in progress. My trouble is the healthy stuff I am making is just slightly above hospital grade taste. This is really discouraging to say the least. I know there are a ton of healthy good tasting recipes out there but it seems like you have to spend $30 to make 2 meals. I think I just need to plan better, and find a balance. Still, I am making an effort and it is an improvement over a month ago for sure.

I realized this week I have more work cut out for me than expected. Turns out I am not 25 pounds overweight, but I about about 40 pounds over. No worries, I will lose it! On a positive note I did give someone a little encouragement today. Someone at my job saw me riding my bike during lunch and it gave her the encouragement to keep walking. She was really excited about it. That was cool.

Hope to report some more exciting news next week. Well, maybe some news that IS exciting or helpful or encouraging!


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