This day just passes Away

This day just passes away, it seems like…like it’s this everyday.

What did I do? What did I say? Did it matter at all, to anyone?

Did I even for a minute shine like the Son?

A new minute has passed, and time is slipping through the hour glass… of life.

I was 10 years old yesterday, not a care in the world…today I am 40

Will there be a 60? Only time will tell.

I could have, should have, but I did a what if followed by a I am not sure, and I have sown to the flesh, and reaped what I reaped, and I have walked around with concrete strapped to my feet, but God loved, and He sent His Son to die for me  It’s because of Him that I have life everlasting

As He pours love and life into this broken flesh, I won’t take for granted that even though I have been a mess…I have been set free, free from the bondage of sin and death

Lord I can’t do this on my own, will You show me the way, so that I can love, and love , and Love, and LOVE each and everyday!


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