Time to get Fit – Week 7

Things are not going as good as I hoped overall, and this was confirmed yesterday. I entered a Stay Fit Weight loss challenge at work, and I weighed in at 208 lbs. with a 47 inch waist measurement.  Problem is that I weight about 208 in March so at this point with all my efforts I haven’t lost anything. So it’s time to get real. I thought I was making progress, but evidently my efforts are not cutting it at all.

This challenge is being sponsored by Snap Kitchen based here in Austin. They provide healthy, portioned meals that are prepared fresh daily. and can be picked up at one of their 2 locations. They have also set up meal deliveries to my job twice a week. The contest itself runs through 11/23, and the winners receive Snap Kitchen gift cards. I am setting a goal to go down to 200 lbs, and lose 3 inches off my waist.

The biggest opportunity is my eating or rather my poor eating habits. Even though I have made improvements, it’s obvious that I am not eating properly enough to get the results that I want. In a sense I am planning to fail because I am not planning my meals and snacks out. So #1 on the agenda is to make meal/snack plan then go the store this week, and stock up. #2 will be to make sure I am taking my meals to work so I stick to the plan and eat the right foods. Also, I figured out that I am not eating breakfast so I am only eating 2 meals, lunch & dinner. # 3 is to make sure that I am eating 5 small meals each day, and control my calorie & sugar intake.

As for my workouts, I have been a little inconsistent. So I need to plan make workouts, and make sure I am getting most out of each exercise. Another area of opportunity is rest. I noticed that I have been staying up late each night which leaves me tired and sluggish some days.

Well, that is it for now. I feel pretty good about the changes I will be making and hope to win one of those gift cards!


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