Time to get fit – Blew it

After setting out to get fit a couple of months ago my efforts have come to a screeching halt. No gym, no healthy meals, no effort, and that’s right, no progress. So I know that I struggle with consistency in this area, and honestly sometimes I am just lazy.

So what is the deal? Do I want to be fit, and eat healthier? Yes, I do. I guess that I just don’t want it bad enough. But I don’t even think that is the biggest obstacle. No, the problem is internal I think. It’s mental. Not like brain damage per say, but like a block. Ok, maybe it’s a stupid analogy but I think about Rocky III after Mickey dies. Rocky goes to train with Apollo Creed but is not making progress. Rocky has no drive, no will, and no heart. Then his wife Adrian confronts him on the beach to get to the truth that Rocky is afraid.

I don’t really know what my mental block is for sure, even though, I have an idea. I am asking God to reveal it to me, and help me remove it. I have a vision of me looking very fit, and having more discipline when it comes to exercise and nutrition. That I will become the person outside and inside I want to be. Just need to kick start things but it needs to be real, genuine, and consistent.

Yo Adrian!


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