The Honeybun Dilemma

I have to admit that I just love food, particularly sweets. As a result, I have also discovered a difference in the quality of pastries, and coffee by visiting local coffee shops, and bakeries. While sitting The Triangle today, and enjoying some Italian cookies from Mandola’s and an Americano from Kick Butt Coffee I came to realization about myself. This may sound like I have gone off the deep end, have a vivid imagination or just too much time on my hands.

First, I really enjoy quality foods, along with other nice things.  Second, and more oddly is that I came to the conclusion that I am a honey-bun, and I don’t mean it as in a countryish term of an endearment. OK, here goes the Man card, but in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” Julie Robert’s character is having a conversation with Cameron Diaz’s character about what she is like in terms of deserts.

Julianne Potter: Crème brûlée can never be Jell-O. YOU could never be Jell-O.
Kimmy Wallace: I HAVE to be Jell-O!
Julianne Potter: You’re never gonna be Jell-O!

So I am a Honey-bun! I love honey-buns, and there is nothing like a honey-bun, and a chocolate milk to wash it down for temporary enjoyment. But when I think about a honey-bun I think about a 50 cent, 400 calorie, processed piece of sweetened dough. There is nothing special about it and in terms of a pastry, it is just mediocre!

The honey-bun dilemma says that I settle for mediocrity in life. I am not going to put any real creativity, effort, or quality into myself or what I expect out of life. I won’t put effort into how I look or what I wear, and  I will remain overweight, and out of shape but I will procrastinate, be passive, and be indecisive because that is what is simple and easy. I will eat cheap fatty, processed foods then I will regret, but not really change. I will be disorganized, and messy because it easier to neglect things.

So I don’t know what this looks like entirely yet or what needs to happen in my life but I can’t stand this any longer. I just know that I was meant for more than mediocrity. While being content with my circumstances in life is central to my faith in Christ I think sometimes I neglect myself out of bad habits, and lack of self-worth. Even though I came to this conclusion today it seems my behavior began to change recently. This week I went back to the gym, but this time it’s with good intentions not just talk. I have started to more aware of what & how much I am eating. How I can be a slave to things that taste good but aren’t really good for me. When it comes to my appearance I normally don’t care too much and I think it has shown. However, I have become more aware of myself, and have become more conscious of this. I have also become more organized, and tidier which helps avoid clutter.

Maybe all this is normal for everyone, and I have been abnormal for a long time. Maybe, I really was depressed because of my marriage ending, and perhaps I am starting to come out of that depression? Maybe I spend too much time alone, and need to make more friends and be more social? I just know that want to live life to the fullest, and like someone said recently “I haven’t been living, not even close!”

I know in Christ, He looks at me and sees Crème brûlée even though I feel like a honey-bun. Whatever this new perspective is I know that it’s a good thing. It’s not about becoming self centered or thinking way too much about me, myself, and I. It’s about loving myself when I have struggled do so.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31


2 thoughts on “The Honeybun Dilemma

  1. Such a great post, Michael! That is so true … we’re crème brûlée!!! … all the time!!! … no matter what we do or don’t do!!! But just knowing that, makes me want to strive to know the Maker of the crème brûlée so much!!!! (Can I use another exclamation mark?!?!? hehe!). Thanks for sharing where you are.

  2. Wow Michael! I’m with you 100%, it’s funny how similar we think! Indulge on the special things that are made with love, such as the crème brûlée for a special occasion, and feel no guilt but only pleasure in that moment. Also know by making the healthier choices in the quality of food, a more active lifestyle we have upped the ante… and we are choosing to make every day a special occasion, and not just another day filled with 50 cent honey buns, and watching re-runs on the sofa. So cheers to you and your new approach on your life, the changes are evident, and look good on you! May the future hold nothing but crème brûlée moments! Thanks for sharing! Erin

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