Did you?

Did you wake up this morning to dread a new day? No, not just any day but a Monday at that!  Maybe you overslept like me, and got to work late? Maybe your day did not go as expected. Did you had a great day?

Did life change for you or was it just the same as before? Maybe tomorrow will be different, maybe the same? What happened today? Maybe you laughed or maybe you cried. Maybe you imploded due pain and fears or shouted for joy? Maybe nothing special happened. Did you feel like God was so far away that He could not hear you?

Did you know that God loves you today? Did you feel His presence? Did you see the Lion & the Lamb lifted on high? Did you know that God sang with joy over you? Did you know that He prayed for you? Did you see His mighty power when everything around you made you feel powerless?

Did you kn0w that while Creation groans, God has a plan? Did you know that that He gave His only Son so He could bring you home? Did you see how He poured His wrath on Jesus, while Jesus poured His blood. Did you know that He offers you the gift of salvation by grace alone.

Did you know that He has poured out every spiritual blessing upon those in Christ, did you know that He made you a new creation, and sons & daughters of the Most High. Did you know that nothing can separate us from the love that is in Christ?

So what was today like?

Did you know that no matter what, He is there, He is waiting, and He just wants to be intimate with you today, tomorrow, and for eternity! Did you?


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