Joplin Relief Trip: Day 1

The 5 of us from North Village Church met the group Soma Austin at 6:00 am and we began the 9 and a half hour trip to Joplin, MO. During the long van ride we had an opportunity for us to get to know each other better overall. We also got a chance to hear our stories about why we were going to Joplin. Aside from being called by the Lord, each of seemed to see a need that in some way we might be able to meet. Most all we all seemed to see our need to shift our focus away from ourselves and onto someone else.
We look foward to what God is going to do our hearts, and the same time there seems to be genuine concern about the spiritual path we may need to go through on this trip. There is not doubt the need around us will remove any selfishness. But we cannot take credit for any of this. The glory must go to God alone.

We entered Joplin and almost immediately saw just the tip of what an F5 tornado can do. Words cannot describe the devastation. The van became filled with silence and awe.  I know that tomorrow we will work on someone’s roof, and other demolition. We will see the brokenness around us. It will be hot, dirty, laborous. But through the strength that God provides we will get through these days.

We end the day in fellowship. Katy get a guitar and begins leading what becomes an impromptu worship time. Skyler harmonizes with her, and adds great vocals to their music. We are sing hymns, and song of praise to God. All our concerns about the tornado, the damage, and loss are taken away during this time. Peace, and the presence of God come. The focus on praising Him takes over everything. It has been a good day, and we are grateful for His presence in our lives, and hearts. It was an awesome way to end the day. More to follow!


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