The Proper Time

Patience is something I find myself praying for these days as I find myself in a interesting season of life. The normalcy of my life changed significantly over a year ago and as I find myself having to start over in several aspects of life I am in what appears to be a new normal. The road to this place was not easy, but filled with trials & pain.  At times I find question my future, will anything truly be better, is possible to find happiness in spite if my past failures. I fully believe that God is capable, but sometimes I feel that I am undeserving of the blessed life my Savior died for. The book of Ecclesiastics talks about seasons  in life, good and bad, joyous & sorrowful, trials & peace.  “A time for everything under the sun.” There are times when life seems to moves 100 mph and times you feel like things will never change.
By human nature we all carry desires, wants, and needs. They vary in vastness from the earthly things of this world such as a new car, home, or that nifty electronic gadget. There is the desire of relationships such as a friends, a spouse, children or good relationship with a parent or sibling. There is the individual need to be accepted, loved, cared for and respected. God created us to love and be loved, sadly our fleshly desires present a challenge to living a God glorifying life.

Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death ?

– Romans 7:24

The answer we learn in the next verse, Jesus!

It is through Jesus that I can embrace a verse found in 1 Peter 5:6-8 “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares” So what do we to with our desires, wants and needs? More importantly, what do we do with the desires that cause us to worry, that consume our mind, hearts, and time? We are called to cast those things on Him.

Why ?

Because our knowable God, Savior, and Creator cares about us and our desires. The first step, however, involves humbling which doesn’t come easy for most of us. While we are admonished to humble ourselves, our gracious God has effective ways of helping us rid our hearts of the  pride that hinders our relationship with Him. Pride says I can do it myself. If I work hard enough, plan, save etc. then I can do it on my own. The reality is that we can’t, and there in lies the problem. But the “Mighty Hand of God” can.

You may find yourself in a similar place as myself.

  • Humble, check!
  • Under the Mighty hand of God check!
  • Cares cast, check!

Now IF you have truly done those things and I say if because they aren’t always easy to do then you may find yourself in a time of waiting. God may even seem to be silent during this time. What gives? Well, what gives is that you are now on the tarmac and you are waiting for the OK for proceed. When & why? Because it is “at the proper time.” When is the proper time? It generally isn’t our time, and there we wrestle. This is were we are challenged to wait patiently on God or decide to “help” God move along, take shortcuts, and make foolish decisions because the proper time can be a long time.

We all know the results of the latter.

I feel like I am becoming a pro at this waiting. Waiting for better transportation, for hopes of being able to start traveling and accomplishing more in life, and for the opportunity to maybe love & be loved. As I looks through the Gospel I am seeing that everything comes in God’s perfect timing. That He knows what is best, that He has a bigger picture in mind. I have resolved to know and believe that God is good, that He meets all my needs at the time that they need to be met. I already see evidence of His hand in my life.

Ultimately, even if I never see the desires of my heart, whatever those may be, that I can trust in God’s sovereign plan. Though you may find yourself in the desert, on the tarmac waiting you can take comfort in knowing that God will “exalt you at the proper time.” The word exalt means to lift on high or raise to dignity, honour and happiness. I pray this encourages you as it does me.


One thought on “The Proper Time

  1. Very much needed and true a bit awakening at time when we feel why why and were trying to force or understand something we cannot or will not be able to because it is not in our control it is in his so being humble not that easy waiting never but giving it to nope not that either but taking a step back and going what I am or was doing is not working Lord it is yours I give it you for you know the plans that laid out for me because Lord you have my best intentions for my heart to service and grow ow Lord thank you

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