Half Marathon Training: Suffers a Setback

So after just training a few short weeks I have encountered my 1st injury. I began alternating runs and weight training but discovered this past week that I am expecting too much too quickly. I thought it would be best to push through the soreness of a run by jogging more than walking. I guess what I failed to realize is that I have not run since the beginning of the year. I have been biking to work and back for about 8 miles round trip. This gave me about an hour of cardio a day. I am also discovering that an hour of low impact cardio is not the same as an hour of high impact cardio on a trail like the one at Lady Bird Lake. I spent the next 5 days in varying levels of pain, and I am just recovering today. This definitely was not muscle soreness but I am sure that I pulled a ligament or tendon. Not sure but stretching, icing, and ibuprofen have been helpful.

I have also figured out that I need new shoes. The ones I have may have even contributed to my injury. Luckily, Austin has good resources locally for runners. I will need to get fitted, and get some new shoes before I begin training again. In the meantime, I will just do some walking and plan to start slow and gradual.

I have about 4 months to go still so I have enough time to get on track.  This is teaching me to be more aware of my limitations and be more sensitive to what my body is telling me. Also, I need to strength muscles and stretch more than I have been. Learning as I go, but will hopefully avoid further setbacks like this.


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