Gospel Moments When You Least Expect Them

The week began with losing an hour of sleep as daylight savings time kicked in. As I sprung forward an hour I seemed to lose not only an hour of sleep but seemed to lose my ability to follow a regular sleep schedule. Just as I was getting adjusted with this real but trivial dilemma I find out that a really good friend of mine has lost his mother to cancer. It is a moment when you can do nothing to take away the pain, and be there the best way you can.

The Gospel In Death

It is better to go to a house of mourning Than to go to a house of feasting, Because that is the end of every man, And the living takes it to heart.- Ecc. 7:2

Several of us from our church made the short but  out of town journey to attend the funeral for our friend’s mother. It was of course a somber occasion but the moment that I believe created the deepest emotion during the church service was when my friend got up and spoke. He spoke about his mother, their relationship, and Jesus. He boldly and effectively communicated the gospel to a group of people that might not have otherwise heard it. Through his loss and pain he gave glory to God. It was all a reminder of our finite selves. That we are are created to give God glory through all things including death. But through the gospel we have a hope that is eternal.

The Gospel to the sound of Counting Crows

“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” – Matthew 18:20

It has been SXSW here in Austin this past week, and we had the benefit of attending a free concert by the Counting Crows. My friends and I opted to relax on a hill. Eventually, it ended up just being 3 of us left from our group, and the conversation turned to our spiritual journey. A time of fasting, and prayer that our church is participating in prior to Easter. We began to share our struggles, our sin, and the work that Jesus was doing in our hearts. It was a beautiful moment of being real, and vulnerable with each other. I could sense God working in our midst. It was knowing that our experiences, conversation, and revelation was made only possible through Jesus and His work on the cross. I went expecting to enjoy a show, and got something much better.

The Gospel in Marriage

AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH ; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.  – Mark 10:8

Finally, on Saturday I had the privilege to attend the wedding of friends from my church. As our pastor performed the ceremony he wove the gospel in and out the service. I am sure that I have never attended a wedding where I have heard in such an authentic way the reality of our sin and the impact it has on our lives. How it affects our relationships, our marriages, and our communication. Again, I am sure that a group of people got to hear the gospel in a way that they never would have otherwise. We got to hear and see that marriage does not have to be lived by our efforts and strength but through Jesus. Not through our performance but through what He has done.

So this has been a week of gospel moments for me. Moments that I wasn’t looking for or expected but found. In moments of loss & pain, entertainment, and celebration I heard and experienced the gospel. They are out there, and they happen when you least expect them.


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