Couch to 10K

I began running at the beginning of the year, and completed my first 5K on April 29th. About 2 weeks ago I completed my first unofficial 10K by running/walking 6.2 miles at the Town Lake Running Trail here in Austin. I am still running about about 3 times a week and most of my runs are in the afternoon after work. It has not been easy since we got into the upper 90’s and low 100’s in the afternoon. Part of me wants to quit but the way I look at it if 60 year old’s can do it then so can I. I just to stay hydrated, and know when to take it easy as I build up my endurance. I picked up a new app called Runkeeper and it works great. I really like using it so far.


I have to admit that I still get frustrated with myself even though I only began running in March of this year. In my mind I should be able to run farther & faster. I should be able to lift more at the gym, and I should have lost more weight. BUT I have to remind myself that I neglected by body for 15 years and this is not going to happen overnight! I have celebrate the small victories in this new journey.

  • I have lost close to 50 pounds (From my top weight a few years ago)
  • I can run 3.1 miles nonstop
  • I can run 4.2 miles almost non-stop
  • I can run/walk 6.2 miles
  • My eating/nutrition is much better than years back
  • The size 36 pants that I could not fit in 2 years ago are falling off now

I have to remind myself that it is about progress.


I find encourage through my friends on a weekly basis. This helps a lot. I also try to encourage myself by seeing fit people running or working out and envisioning myself down the road. I see myself next year in better physical shape, and running farther & faster. I can see it! It will just take time, discipline, and commitment.

My Identity

This is an area that I have struggled with all of my life but the Lord is doing awesome things in my heart to free me from the struggle I have with how I view myself. I feel that I will need to write a separate blog post about this. Last night I heard something about someone else that resonated deeply with me “it has nothing to do with the weight, it has to do with how he sees himself. It’s his identity (that’s the problem).” It hit me hard!! My focused must be shifted from me to Jesus at all times!

For God’s Glory

In the end, I must be motivated by a desire to give God glory, and not out of selfish ambition. God has been working deeply in my heart. I know these efforts are for my good and His glory! Looking forward to this awesome journey, and what will come about!

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