The Relationship Crossroads: Crossing the Road!

NVC Easter-31A few years ago I wrote about the idea of dating in “The Relationship Crossroads” having no idea that I would indeed end up face to face with these very real crossroads. I had hoped I would meet someone but I never thought it would be so soon. More importantly, I had no idea that God could be so intimately involved in the process. But He was, and it has been nothing short of amazing! However, this story is not about fairy tale dreams of true love but about about how God continues to show me His plan of redemption in my life.

I had been divorced a year when I began to date again, but it was only when God orchestrated the opportunity did I move forward. After the failures and mistakes of the past I wanted to make sure I did this right. From the beginning I new with certainty that I needed God’s involvement every step of the way. And if I forgot about Him for a moment He had ways of reminding me.

About 3 years ago I met what is now the love of my life, and since then:

  • We began dating.
  • We broke up.
  • We got back together.
  • We got engaged.
  • We broke up a month before the wedding date.
  • We got got back together.
  • We got engaged…again.
  • We ARE getting married.

I know, it sounds crazy! But during that time:

  • God made me aware of my codependency & abandonment issues and ultimately brought healing to me.
  • God made us aware of pride & idols in our lives and ultimately brought healing to each us.
  • God peeled back layers of hidden sin, pain, and brokeness to bring forgiveness & healing.
  • God helped us to know Him more, and make Jesus the center of our lives.
  • Our church family has encouraged us, prayed for us and cheered us on.
  • Our church family has been able to witness first hand God working in each of us and our relationship.

God has used each of us and our relationship in the sanctification process. Though difficult, and painful at times we each have grown in ways that we never would have individually. We are not finished by any means as there are everyday reminders of our brokenness and need for the gospel. This is just the beginning of what God is doing, will continue to do in our relationship, and soon to me marriage. God doesn’t always give us what we want but He gives us what we need. He gives us our need and then by His grace He meets it. All of this has brought us closer to each other, brought joy & laughter along with the sorrows, and a deeper love for the Lord & each other.

This is only the beginning.


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